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Often said, it takes one to understand one. However, Art is a mystery on its own as everyone interprets it in their own way. Through Art, we get to understand one another better and through Ernest, we see life through Art.


Ernest Seah, better known as Butter Seah is not only an artist, a performer, and a designer but also an educator. His list of achievements includes winning the Harvard book prize and the Tan Chin Tuan scholarship for Creative Education back in 2019 and the Singapore Hokkien Huay Kuan Arts and Cultural Awards for 1917-18. Through out his art career, he has participated in numerous exhibitions and in 2017 he won Top prize at the Antwerp International Art Competition in Belgium, followed by 2nd prize at the “Mind over Matter” International Art Competitions in London.


With more than 25 years of experience in the Art Scene, and being such a strong believer in education, Ernest values knowledge and has shared his vast experiences in many diversified industries, through classes, workshops, and lectures. He also teaches creative development, performance and presentation courses to private and corporate institutions worldwide.


Here’s the exclusive interview with Ernest.

Tell us about who you are, and what drives your passion in the Art scene.

I’m an artist, actor, designer, educator & foodie. Constant change & amazing discoveries which ignites consist of conflict & discord drives my Passion for the Arts.


How Do You Get Inspired?

I get inspired by other creative creations such as Artworks, Movies, Performances and Food.


Which elements you think are essential to an artist’s work?

A balance & strong COMMUNICATION and REACTION between the artist & audience. An artist work may not be understood or liked but can be appreciated.


What Do You Want Your Artwork to Stand for?

I try not to be political, but I want to create works that provoke and question the mind. I appreciate discussion & visual appreciation.


Who are your biggest influences?

Anyone who excites or motivates me to create especially one who is emotionally involved in their creation with too many to be mentioned.


How do you price your work?

Location, Audience & Occasion dictates the pricing of my works for Exhibitions, Charity Commissions and Art Fairs. Price currency is also taken into consideration.


Can you tell us about a project or piece of work that you’re particularly proud of?

I’m grateful to have clients, artworks & performances, movies  exhibited, shows & sales in various countries worldwide especially Berlin light Festival, Bugis Street, M Butterfly & Chameleon Musical, ERNO skincare, Winning art competition in Belgium.


Besides being an educator, what keeps you busy?

Discovering new movies, food with friends & traveling keep me busy when not creating art or teaching.   


Ernest Seah graduated from Chinese Ink Painting from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts and holds a Masters in Fine Arts from Norwich University of the Arts. Visit his website for any artwork engagements.  

Photos shared by Ernest

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